Exploring the Scene of Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals: How to Avoid Drowning in Choices

As people love traveling to Brazil, finding the right accommodation remains a prime concern. With hotels so expensive, short term furnished rental apartments in Sao Paulo have become quite popular among globetrotters.

Folks seeking the comforts and convenience of their home away from home want a warm and inviting feeling.

But how to find fully furnished apartments? We bring you tips for finding the right short term furnished rentals for your needs in Sao Paulo.

Finding the Right Short Term Rentals in Sao Paulo

Below, you will find factors to guide you in finding the best accommodation that suits your preferences. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, comfort is key, and a hotel room is not the only option.

  • Understand Your Preferences and Needs

Take time and understand what you need.

Defining your requirements will help you have a smooth decision-making process so you don’t get lost in options.

Consider crucial factors like your budget, rental location, size, amenities, and stay length.

Do you want a bustling space, a loft, or a nice and cozy apartment away from the hustle and bustle? Do you want to be near the nightlife activities or tour during the day?

Are there specific amenities you require, like a fully equipped kitchen, good internet, or a laundry space?

Understanding your needs upfront can help narrow down the options, helping you focus better.

  • A Realistic Budget is Key

Everyone wants the best. However, you must remain within your budget when traveling to Sao Paulo. It is a crucial element when searching for temporary housing.

You must set a realistic budget and don’t just write down numbers.

Exploring the Scene of Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals: How to Avoid Drowning in Choices

Understand how much your finances allow for short term rental. Think of additional expenditures like cleaning fees, service charges, and taxes.

You must be mindful that prices vary depending on location, seasonality, and amenities. Setting a proper budget can help you avoid overspending and ensure you find a fully furnished apartment fitting your financial situation.

Furthermore, extra money is essential if you have to stay for an extended period. Better to have a budget set for a few weeks for better peace of mind.

  • Research Well

Not everyone loves researching because it can be rather time-consuming and exhausting. However, you must do some research to get a good picture of the market!

Many rental platforms are offering unique listings, prices, and policies. You must make sure to explore different sources so you can maximize your chances of finding suitable short term housing.

  • Reviews and Ratings Matter

No one wants to be a scam prey. Before booking a rental, spend enough time finding and reading reviews from previous tenants.

User feedback is vital, for it can give you helpful information. You don’t want to book a perfect apartment only to reach your destination and find out it’s nothing like the building photo!

Exploring the Scene of Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals: How to Avoid Drowning in Choices

Seek out places with positive reviews, and beware of the red flags and negative comments that could indicate issues with your choice of rental or property owners.

  • Narrow Down the Options

With research, you probably came across some perfect housing options. Note them down and shortlist the potential serviced apartments that meet your criteria.

Now, consider location, amenities, size, availability, and price. You have to be flexible and open-minded but not jump to a decision quickly.

Trust your instincts and choose wisely. Remember, don’t rush to decision-making as it will only put you at a disadvantage later.

  • Communicate with Your Host

Communication is critical when talking about furnished apartments for rent. Make sure you contact your host or property manager and relay any concerns before making the final decision.

It is best to get clarity on all details like the check-in procedures, house rules, cancellation policies, or other services offered.

If you find a responsive and accommodating manager willing to put your mind at ease, then incredible. However, if they are unwilling to help, move on to the next option.

  • Book Early (but Be Flexible)

It is smart to be proactive when you’re planning trips and housing. Once you’ve decided on the perfect furnished apartment, don’t delay booking it.

Good properties get snatched up instantly, especially during peak seasons or events. However, remain flexible with your plans and be ready to adjust your dates or accommodations if a situation calls for it.

Experts recommend booking properties with flexible cancellation or refundable situations to give you peace of mind if things go awry.


A trip to Sao Paulo can sound pretty good, but if you are indecisive about accommodations, it can damper your plans.

Finding the right short-term lease apartments in this city may feel like drowning in choices. However, based on the factors above, we are confident that you will find the ideal place for your next trip.

So don’t worry. Explore short-term rentals over hotel stays to enjoy the ultimate comfort of home while travelling.

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