Simplify B2B Travel Booking With This Powerful New Solution

We all know just how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to book travel for clients. Between searching multiple sites, comparing rates and availability, and managing all those bookings, it often feels like there’s gotta be an easier way. Well, friends, the travel booking struggle is over. RateHawk is here to save the day with an all-in-one B2B travel booking platform designed just for us. No more hopping between tabs and juggling logins. Just one powerful tool to search, book, and manage it all. We’re talking 2.5 million hotels worldwide, flights, rental cars, airport transfers – you name it, they’ve got it

The Challenges of B2B Travel Booking

Travel professionals know that booking business travel for employees can be frustrating. Limited options and high prices are common problems when using traditional booking tools. You’re stuck choosing from a few big-name hotels at rates that make CFOs cringe. It’s tough to find good deals and even harder to compare rates across different properties. You have to visit multiple sites, enter the same search criteria repeatedly, and try to keep track of it all. Not exactly efficient or cost-effective. The booking process typically involves a lot of manual work, like keeping profiles up to date, sending trip information to travelers, and managing expenses. This wastes valuable time that could be better spent advising clients. You need an easy way to see who’s traveling where, how much is being spent, and if trips adhere to the rules.

Introducing an Unrivaled Online Booking Tool for Travel Professionals

As a travel professional, finding and booking the best deals for your clients is your bread and butter. But with so many travel sites and booking engines out there, it can be tricky to search efficiently and ensure you’re getting the lowest rates. RateHawk is a free travel booking platform designed specifically for travel agencies and professionals. Their innovative search engine combs through over 2.5 million hotels and 200,000 alternative accommodations worldwide to find the best available rates. Forget visiting multiple sites to compare prices – RateHawk does the work for you. It also offers a range of useful tools for travel pros. Manage multiple bookings at once, set up saved searches to get alerts on price drops for your clients, and take advantage of their group booking tool for tours and events. It also allows you to book rental cars, airport transfers, and activities. They partner with major travel suppliers to provide a one-stop shop for all your clients’ travel needs.

Key Features to Streamline B2B Travel Bookings

1.     Unrivalled Inventory Range

As a travel professional, having access to a vast range of accommodation and travel options is key. RateHawk provides over 2.5 million hotels, apartments, villas and other lodging options globally so you’ll be able to find suitable options for any client. Their inventory includes everything from budget hotels to luxury resorts. You’ll never have to turn down a booking request due to lack of options.

2.     Customized Travel Packages

Creating customized travel itineraries is a breeze with RateHawk. Their solution allows you to bundle flights, hotels, transfers and activities into tailored packages for your clients. You can pre-set packages to save time or build custom options from scratch using their intuitive booking platform. Package options are ideal for group bookings and incentive travel.

3.     Competitive Rates and Discounts

RateHawk has negotiated some of the best rates in the industry with properties around the world. As a travel professional, you’ll get access to net rates and discounts not available on public sites. You’ll be able to provide highly competitive quotes to your clients and boost your profit margins. It also provides promotional codes and coupons offering additional savings.

4.     Streamlined Booking Process

The RateHawk platform is designed to simplify the booking process for travel professionals. Their easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly search, compare and book accommodation, flights, transfers and more. You’ll be able to seamlessly manage all your bookings in one place, issue invoices, track payments and access reporting tools. Automated notifications keep you up-to-date with booking confirmations, changes and cancellations so you can provide top-notch service to your clients.

How This Solution Benefits Travel Companies

As a travel professional, finding and booking accommodation and transportation for clients efficiently is key to your success. Using RateHawk, you’ll have real-time access to rates and availability across all the top suppliers, enabling you to find the best deals for your customers. The platform aggregates content from many resources, so you don’t have to jump between different websites. Compare options, check reviews, and book everything in one place. It also gives you access to net rates and commissions, allowing you to boost your profits. You can earn up to 65% commission on hotel bookings, keeping more money in your pocket. Set your own margins and sell rates to customers at a profit. For travel companies looking to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue, this is an unrivalled solution. This innovative platform gives you access to the widest range of inventory at the best prices, powerful yet intuitive tools to manage bookings, and a dedicated support team to help you get the most out of the service.


You don’t need to waste time comparing rates across multiple sites or making bookings one at a time anymore. With RateHawk, you’ve got the ultimate travel booking solution tailored to busy travel agents like you. Their massive inventory connects you to the world’s top suppliers, while powerful search filters and bulk booking options save you hours. Streamline your workflow and delight your clients with ease. Ready to be the superstar agent you were meant to be? Visit and see how they make travel dreams come true.

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