6 Useful Tips for Traveling Through Morocco in Your Rental Car

Morocco is a fascinating country in North Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It has a unique culture and a diverse geographical diversity, and it attracts visitors worldwide to witness its rich cultural and architectural heritage. Renting a car is the best way to explore this stunning country in comfort and style. For a smooth experience, research and book your rental car a few days before your trip.

Checklist Before Going on a Road Trip in Your Car Rental Morocco 

Are you on a road trip in Morocco and wish to rent a car? Here are some essential tips to keep note of:

Road Conditions

Morocco has a well-maintained road network, but there are parts where driving may get challenging. The city and the highways can be easily covered, but the roads in rural areas must be better maintained. The sign boards may also need to be clarified in those areas. Hence, avoiding night driving in Morocco is better, even if you restrict yourself from driving towards rural areas.


Finding the proper routes in Morocco can be confusing if you are a first-time traveller. GPS is a valuable navigation tool in Morocco. However, you must also carry a paper map, as not all areas have GPS coverage. Plan your route in advance to have a general idea before embarking on your journey.

Local Rules

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations that all residents and tourists must follow. For instance, using too much horn is a driver’s way of communicating with fellow drivers. Other rules include wearing seatbelts, following speed limits, and limiting the use of mobile phones while driving.


Morocco’s major cities, like Casablanca, Fes, Oujda, etc., are mostly crowded. Along with driving, finding the right parking spot might also be an issue with Casablanca car rentals. You can park outside the city and take a cab to the centre. You will find several paid parking lots around the city where you can park your car safely.

Car Rental Agreement

One of the most important steps in renting a car in Morocco is settling the car rental agreement. Make sure to carefully read all the terms mentioned in the agreement. If you have any doubts or confusion, do not hesitate to approach the rental company.


The most widely spoken languages in Morocco are Arabic and French. English is also widely used, mainly in cities, particularly tourist areas. Hence, language is going to be fine for you. However, in rural areas, Arabic is dominant.

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