Why Do You Need a New York Construction Site Accident Lawyer?

A New York Construction Site Accident Lawyer Has the Tools to Obtain Justice for You

Working at a construction site can sometimes create a new or alternative definition for hazardous duty.

Stuff happens as the saying goes, and that unfortunately goes well behind, e.g., stepping on a rake.

The potential dangers include injuries prompted by falling objects or debris, exposure to or mishandling of toxic chemicals, and heavy equipment accidents and malfunctions.

Slip and falls or chronic pain from repetitive motion work might also be part of the mix.

There is also the possibility of a temporary or permanent disability arising from a construction site accident, which could render workers unable to provide for their families.

Combined with the medical expenses, this loss of income can be catastrophic for construction workers and their loved ones.

Construction Site Victims Need Experienced Legal Counsel

The typical magnitude of these injuries explains why you need an attorney with a wealth of experience in representing clients injured at construction sites.

Even in the context of property owners, employers, and/or general contractors or others in charge on site who are scrupulous rather than negligent about abiding by workplace safety laws and regulations, construction site accidents are common owing to the nature of the work.

When you seek legal advice for this kind of injury, it is essential to obtain representation from attorneys with the know-how to seek and achieve the financial compensation that you deserve.

Construction Accident Claims Can Be Very Technical

Construction accident claims can be complex, moreover, not the least of which is sorting out who among all the entities at a construction site are responsible for the harm that you have suffered.

There is also a significant evidence-gathering requirement, including as to safety protocol compliance.

At Spector & Associates, P.C., our firm’s well-rounded practice specializes in serious personal injury cases of all kinds, including those that occur at construction sites.

Our Queens-based personal injury attorneys have, among other credentials, vast understanding of the full scope of occupational safety or lack thereof and the legal remedies available for the latter.

As a result of this expertise industry standards, our clients know that when they hire our legal team, they will receive high-quality legal representation

Our Lawyers Are Strong Advocates for Construction Accident Victims

As alluded to above, when it comes to construction site accidents in particular, the New York City personal injury lawyers at Spector & Associates, P.C., are extraordinarily familiar with the relevant law from years of real-world involvement in representing construction site accident victims.

This includes navigating the entire claims process on a victim’s behalf and, when necessary if methodical negotiations don’t pan out, suing the responsible party or parties.

Please keep in mind that lawyers without a track record in handling construction site accident injuries may be unaware of the specific nuances and the required claims procedures involved when a worker, authorized visitor, or pedestrian gets hurt at a construction site in New York City or New Jersey.

When you hire our firm, our New York construction site accident team will thoroughly investigate the incident and gather all the evidence necessary with the goal of making sure that every potential party and their insurance companies are held financially responsible for your injuries.

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If you are an employee of a construction company, and/or are a member of a union when you were injured on the job, Spektor & Associates can also handle a state-administered Workers’ Compensation claim on your behalf

This is an important process that requires a separate but equally important level of legal expertise.

Although no outcome is guaranteed, our construction site accident team will work tirelessly to secure justice for you in or out of the court system and/or at the relevant state agency.

Call us at 1-800-318-8888 or reach out to us online to schedule a free consultation.

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