Top 5 Iconic Movies About Alien Invasion

Humans have always wondered if there is life on other planets. And what if other races in space exist? Would they be friendly or aggressive to humans? If you are also interested in aliens, take advantage of the opportunity to watch top-notch alien movies from this list.

“The Day The Earth Stood Still” (1951)

One “beautiful” day, aliens land on Earth. As is usually the case, they plan to destroy humanity. And all because people destroy their planet, which is the only one suitable for the life of other, more complex and perfect organisms. But still, the aliens decided to give the earthlings a last chance. They sent a representative of their civilization, Klaatu (Michael Rennie), and robot Gort (Lock Martin). The latter can easily control any technology, and the envoy must convey to people that they should live the old life. Klaatu will tell about his mission at the UN meeting, but the U.S. government is hostile. The envoy will be brought out into the open with a truth serum.

“Mars Attacks!” (1996)

Although this movie is quite old, it’s worth watching. The planet has been subjected to a terrible attack, and strange and nasty green creatures – Martians- have landed on it. From their ships, they landed in the desert but then continued their march through the cities of the United States. Guests have arrived ostensibly with peaceful intentions but soon start to kill earthlings. New York, Washington, and Las Vegas are half-destroyed, but a particular danger threatens the White House and the President of the United States. General Decker (Rod Steiger) is sure that the aliens must be defeated and sent home. But life will put everything in its place and show who is to blame and who is right.

“The Faculty” (1998)

Of course, we couldn’t add this cult movie to the list. We’ll bet you have heard of it. The story unfolds in Harrington College. One day, “nerd” Casey (Elijah Wood) finds an unknown parasite on the soccer field, and this event turns the life of the college upside down. Teachers began to behave strangely. Later, it turns out that all these oddities result from an alien invasion. Now, the enemies will have to become comrades to resist this attack. And in the centre of events were an outcast Casey, newcomer Marybeth, drug dealer Zeke, science fiction fan Stokely, soccer player Stan and his girlfriend, Delilah.

“War Of The Worlds” (2005)

No one ever thought that alien beings would invade the planet. Moreover, for some time, they have closely observed humanity. And the aliens turned out to be much more advanced than humans. But the most terrible thing is that the uninvited guests are hostile and plan to take over the planet. At the centre of events is a simple crane operator, Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise), working at the New Jersey dock. Everything is not going well in his life: his wife left, took two children, and married. But suddenly, something strange began to happen in the city. The sky was covered with clouds, but the special attention was attracted by a strange pink cloud, which also radiated energy, as evidenced by numerous lightning bolts, with giant three-legged alien machines. Now Ray has to outsmart the creatures and save his daughter Rachel (Dakota Fanning).

“District 9” (2009)

About 20 years ago, there was contact with an alien race, which had been so long dreamed of by science fiction fans and talked about by scientists worldwide. But it turned out not to be what everyone expected to see. Flying saucer, which arrived guests from another planet, was out of order and hovered over the Earth. And the aliens themselves turned out to be not enemies, not friends, and not even researchers, but refugees, forced to retreat from their homeland. And while the authorities were deciding how to proceed, the aliens built District 9 – a temporary Earth shelter.

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