The Secret Language of Flowers: What Each Bloom Means

Flowers have always held a special place in human history. Beyond their beauty and fragrance, they can also convey hidden messages. In Victorian times, for example, a whole language of flowers developed, with each bloom symbolising different emotions and ideas.

There’s no doubt that flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion, and knowing the meaning behind them adds a special touch to your present. So, let’s discuss what each bloom means!

Roses: The King of Romance

It’s time roses receive an award for being the undisputed symbol of love and passion. But when looking up roses shops near me online, don’t forget that other colours exist, and they offer different meanings.

For example, pink roses express admiration and gentleness, while white roses signify purity and innocence. If you want to send flowers to a friend or just express joy, go with yellow roses.

Tulips: Perfect for Spring

Tulips come in a wide range of colours, each with its own meaning. Red tulips represent perfect love, pink tulips symbolise affection and yellow tulips convey cheerfulness. White tulips stand for purity and innocence.

Lilies: Elegance and Purity

Lilies are known for their elegant beauty and clean fragrance. White lilies symbolise purity and innocence, while pink ones express gratitude and appreciation. Tiger lilies represent passion and pride.

Sunflowers: Happiness and Admiration

Sunflowers radiate sunshine and happiness. They symbolise joy, admiration and loyalty. Want a flower to brighten someone’s day? Sunflowers are a perfect choice.

Carnations: More Than Just Mother’s Day

Red carnations express deep love and admiration. Pink carnations symbolise gratitude and appreciation, while white carnations signify innocence and sympathy. Equally beautiful are the yellow ones, which stand for friendship.

Beyond the Basics

The meaning of a flower can also be influenced by its colour, number and arrangement. For instance, a single red rose is a powerful symbol of love, while a dozen red roses signifies deep devotion. A bouquet with a mix of colours can convey a variety of emotions.

Using the Language of Flowers Today

The Victorian language of flowers may not be common knowledge today, but it’s still a fun way to add a hidden message to your floral gift. Even a simple understanding of the symbolism behind some popular blooms can help you choose the perfect flowers to express your feelings.

When choosing flowers, consider the occasion and the recipient’s personality. A bouquet of lilies might be a perfect choice for a wedding, while a bunch of sunflowers would be ideal to cheer up a friend. So, the next time you send flowers, think about the message you want to convey.

With a little knowledge of the language of flowers, you can choose a bouquet that speaks volumes, even without a single word. But, a heartfelt message is also a sweet touch. Adding a handwritten note expressing your feelings is like putting an exclamation point on your floral message. Flowers and words together sure create a powerful and unforgettable gesture.

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