Is high-quality mushroom farm equipment worth buying?

Choosing high-quality mushroom farm equipment requires a bigger investment than opting for the cheapest, lowest-quality alternatives. One might therefore ask: what does more expensive equipment offer that gives it an edge? Is it really that much better? We’ll explain below!

Mushroom picking lorry

When talking about equipment for mushroom farms, mushroom picking lorries are usually the first topic to come up. They are a crucial part of the entire mushroom farming process, so it’s important to select the right model. Differences between low- and high-quality ones are clearly visible.

Modern lorries allow for automatic movement of the platform, both up and down and left and right. Remote control is fast and easy. No need to turn a crank in order for the platform to move. This way, the pickers are less tired and a lot of time is saved.

As a result, the farm can count on as much as 1.5 kg more mushrooms per square meter of harvest. Easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving, without the need for any additional equipment, is also important.


Lighting is a necessary element of every mushroom growing farm. High-quality lamps can serve the farm for a long time, but that’s not always the case when it comes to cheaper alternatives.

There are many factors that can shorten the lifespan of electrical devices in such a place: high temperature and humidity, the possibility of mechanical damage or coming in contact with harmful chemicals. Good lighting, which will withstand those challenges without an issue, means lighting that is easily serviceable, has a durable housing and adequately high leakage coefficient (IP68 or IP69).

Mushroom scales

Top-of-the-line mushroom scales are much more advanced devices than they may seem at first glance. They not only boast high durability against mechanical damage and resistance to harmful conditions but also offer many crucial modern features.

The most important of them include: a large LED display (or two — dual-sided displays are a great way to increase work efficiency), short stabilization time, high precision, proximity sensor for touchless taring and several application modes to select from, including weighing, accumulation and check weighing.

As evident, high-quality mushroom farm equipment pays off in the long term. It’s the more efficient, cost-effective and safer option than saving on cheap equipment. Low-quality means that the farm will need to replace it when it inevitably breaks down after relatively short use. Top-of-the-line equipment can be purchased from trusted suppliers, such as GROWTIME.

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