Exploring GTA Plus Benefits: Key Advantages Unlocked

GTA+ monthly bonuses are the best part of being part of the GTA Online Club. When you join, you get lots of cool free stuff that makes playing in Los Santos even more fun! Every month, there are new bonuses and rewards for you to enjoy. Some stick around forever, like getting extra cash when you buy Shark Cards or getting a bonus GTA$ each month just for being a member.

It might seem like a lot to remember, but don’t worry! We’ll tell you about the fantastic rewards and perks you can get this month with GTA+.

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GTA+ rewards and benefits for March 2024

If you’re part of GTA+, you’ve got some fantastic rewards waiting for you this month in GTA Online. Here’s what you can get:

  • A free vehicle
  • Free chameleon paints for your cars
  • Free clothes for your character
  • Access to the Vinewood Car Club
  • Bonuses at the Gun Van
  • Unique benefits of using taxis
  • Free cash
  • Bonus GTA$ and RP (reputation points)
  • Benefits for requesting vehicles
  • Perks for being a CEO or VIP
  • Free games included with GTA+

The current rewards month ends on Wednesday, April 3rd, so you can still join GTA+ and claim all these cool freebies.

The Vinewood Car Club

The Vinewood Car Club is like a particular club for GTA+ members in GTA Online. It’s an excellent spot in Los Santos where members can check out some awesome cars. You can test drive them, buy them at a discount, or even call for them to be delivered while exploring the city.

If you want to see the free car of the month, head to the Vinewood Club Reward Area. It’s fancier to claim your free ride from there!

Vinewood Club Garage

If you’re a GTA+ member, you can use the Vinewood Club Garage in Pillbox Hill. This place is where you can keep up to 100 vehicles without paying anything extra. It’s like your own particular parking spot for all your favourite rides!

Free Vehicle

GTA+ members can snag the brand-new Pfister 811 for free this month! To claim yours, go to the Legendary Motorsport website or the Vinewood Car Club. Happy driving!

Chameleon Paints

During this rewarding month, you can grab some excellent Chameleon paint schemes, including:

  • Burgundy/Green Flip Chameleon Paint
  • Dark Green Pearl Chameleon Paint
  • Green/Turquoise Flip Chameleon Wheel Paint

These paint schemes will make your vehicles look super stylish and unique!

Free Clothing

As a GTA+ member this month, you can score some excellent free clothing items just by logging in. Check out what’s up for grabs:

  • Patrick’s Day Jacket
  • Patrick’s Day Pants
  • Graffiti Jean Jacket
  • Graffiti Jeans

Dress up your character in style with these fantastic outfits!

Free Games with GTA+

If you have GTA+, you can also score some free games this month. Check out what’s available:

  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Enjoy playing these games without spending any extra money!

To play these games with your GTA+ membership, follow these easy steps:

Go to the GTA+ website and choose the game you want to play.

Pick the gaming platform you use, like Xbox or PlayStation. Make sure it’s the platform where you have your GTA+ membership.

Confirm that you’re logged in to the account linked with your GTA+ membership.

Install the game and start playing!

Remember, these games are free if you have an active GTA+ membership and are included in GTA+. If they’re removed from GTA+ benefits, you can still buy them at a 20% discount.

Gun Van

The Gun Van offers weapons at a discounted price, making it a more affordable option for GTA+ members. Plus, members can always know where the Gun Van is located daily, making it easier to find and take advantage of the discounts whenever you need to restock weapons.

Downtown Cab Co. Bonuses

During this rewarding month, all GTA+ members can enjoy free taxi rides and skip to destinations. Additionally, the wait time between using the “skip to destination” feature again is now only 5 minutes. So, you can get around Los Santos quickly and conveniently without spending extra cash!


As a GTA+ member, you can enjoy some awesome perks for your living space in Los Santos. You’ll get 50% off High-End Apartments, and the Eclipse Tower Penthouse Suite’s style can be changed for free! It’s a great way to customize your virtual home without breaking the bank.

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