All Star Tower Defense Wiki: Ultimate Guide & Tips

All Star Tower Defense Wiki is a Fandom Games Community that provides information about Roblox: All Star Tower Defense, including codes, new units, orbs, franchises, and more. It is a reliable source for players looking for guidance and updates on the game.

All Star Tower Defense Wiki Features

All Star Tower Defense Wiki is a comprehensive resource for players of the popular game. It offers a range of features that enhance the gaming experience and provide valuable information for both new and experienced players.

Code Repository

The All Star Tower Defense Wiki includes a code repository where players can find exclusive codes that give them rewards within the game. These codes can unlock special units, in-game currency, and other bonuses. If a code doesn’t work, players are advised to try again in a new or VIP server as the codes may have limited uses.

List Of New Units

The wiki also provides an up-to-date list of all the new units that have been recently added to the game. This list allows players to stay in the loop with the latest additions and plan their strategies accordingly. It includes information about each unit’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, giving players a competitive edge in their gameplay.

Franchises Representation

All Star Tower Defense Wiki features a comprehensive list of all the franchises represented in the game. Franchises from various popular series, such as Dragon Ball and One Piece, are included, allowing players to choose their favorite characters and build a diverse team to take on their enemies.

Special Orbs

Orbs are special equippable items that players can attach to any unit in the game. These orbs provide additional abilities and boosts to the units, enhancing their performance on the battlefield. The wiki provides detailed information about each orb, including its effects and which units it is compatible with, helping players make strategic choices in equipping their units.

All Star Tower Defense Wiki: Ultimate Guide & Tips


Strategies And Tips

Discover effective strategies and insider tips on the All Star Tower Defense Wiki for maximizing your gameplay. Unlock new units, redeem codes, and elevate your defense tactics to dominate the game with the latest information and insights available on the Wiki platform.

When it comes to excelling at All Star Tower Defense game, having effective strategies and tips can make all the difference. In this section, we will explore some essential strategies to enhance your gameplay.

Effective Unit Combinations

Choosing the right unit combinations can significantly impact your success in All Star Tower Defense. To optimize your defense, consider the following unit combinations:

  • Utilize tanks with high health and damage output, such as Ace and Marco, to absorb enemy attacks.
  • Pair up ranged units like Law and Kizaru to provide consistent long-range damage.
  • Include support units like Chopper and Robin to enhance the abilities of your main attackers.
  • Experiment with different combinations based on the enemies you’re facing to find the most effective setup.

Utilizing Trade Units

The introduction of trade units has added a new layer of depth to All Star Tower Defense. Here are some tips to make the most of these trade units:

  • Trade units provide unique abilities and buffs that can turn the tide of battle. Make sure to unlock and utilize these units strategically.
  • Trade units can synergize with specific character types or have special effects against certain enemies. Consider these synergies when forming your team composition.
  • Keep an eye on the All Star Tower Defense Wiki for updates on new trade units and their abilities to stay ahead of the game.

Optimizing Orbs

Orbs are powerful equippable items that can enhance the abilities of any unit. To optimize their usage:

  1. Focus on equipping orbs that complement the strengths of your units. For example, attach orbs with critical hit bonuses to high damage dealers.
  2. Prioritize upgrading orbs with the orbs shop to increase their effectiveness.
  3. Experiment with different orb combinations to find the perfect balance between offense and defense.

In conclusion, by utilizing effective unit combinations, making the most of trade units, and optimizing orbs, you can elevate your performance in All Star Tower Defense. Keep exploring different strategies and stay updated with the All Star Tower Defense Wiki for the latest tips and updates.

Community Involvement

Welcome to the All Star Tower Defense Wiki – a community where players, developers, and fans come together to participate in various activities centered around the game. Community involvement plays a crucial role in shaping the gameplay experience and expanding the world of All Star Tower Defense. Let’s explore the key aspects of community engagement within the All Star Tower Defense Wiki.

Fan-requested Units

One remarkable aspect of the All Star Tower Defense community involvement is the significant role played by the fans in suggesting new units for the game. Players engage actively in discussions to propose and refine ideas for original units, drawing inspiration from various sources such as popular anime series or gaming characters. These fan-requested units serve as a testament to the collaborative environment fostered within the All Star Tower Defense community.

Discussion Platforms

The community actively utilizes discussion platforms to converge and exchange ideas related to the game. Players leverage forums, social media groups, and dedicated messaging channels to share strategies, tips, and tricks for unlocking new levels, as well as to seek assistance and provide support to fellow enthusiasts. These platforms serve as knowledge hubs, sparking engaging conversations and strengthening the sense of unity within the community.

Code Sharing And Updates

Another integral part of community involvement is the collective effort to share codes and updates. Members regularly contribute by sharing newly discovered codes for in-game rewards and updates about new features and enhancements. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of excitement and growth within the community, driving collective progress and creating a robust environment for all players.

All Star Tower Defense Wiki: Ultimate Guide & Tips


Expanding The Experience

All Star Tower Defense Wiki continually enhances the gameplay experience through innovative features and integrations, ensuring players have access to a wealth of resources and information to master the game.

In-game Enhancements

Enhancements within the game itself elevate the gameplay experience and provide players with new strategies and challenges.

External Resources Integration

Integrating external resources seamlessly into the game empowers players to enhance their skills and knowledge through access to valuable information and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Latest New Units In All Star Tower Defense Wiki?

In All Star Tower Defense Wiki, the latest new units are constantly updated. These units offer unique abilities to enhance your gameplay experience. Keep an eye on the wiki for new additions and strategies.

How Do Orbs Benefit Units In All Star Tower Defense Wiki?

Orbs in All Star Tower Defense Wiki are equippable items that can be attached to any unit. By attaching orbs, you can enhance your units’ stats and abilities, making them more powerful and effective in battles.

What Franchises Are Represented In All Star Tower Defense Game?

All Star Tower Defense game features a wide range of franchises from various series. Explore units based on popular franchises like One Piece and more, adding a touch of familiarity and excitement to your gameplay.

Where Can I Find The Latest Codes For All Star Tower Defense Wiki?

For the latest codes in All Star Tower Defense Wiki, make sure to check regularly for updates. These codes offer rewards and benefits that can help you progress faster in the game. Stay tuned to the wiki for new codes and rewards.


The All Star Tower Defense Wiki is your go-to resource for codes, units, and game strategies. With a diverse range of franchises and constantly updated content, the wiki is a valuable tool for players. Whether you’re looking for new units or trade tier lists, this wiki has you covered.

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